In epoxy and ready for mock up
Welded on oil bag mounts and spring perches
Building a cool battery box from a plain jane box
Tacked on bungs to hold threaded rods
The finished battery box , much nicer then stock
Building a seat pan, made the rear seat perches from brackets from the old part of the frame
Here is the frame with the seat perches on and the seat adjuster mocked in place
Trimming away all the useless parts on the neck and cleaning it up
Here is the neck gusset trimmed up, next the hole will be welded shut and the steering lock will be shaved and welded.
Stock frame in all its glorry
The stock frame braced and the back cut off
Here is the new stance of the bike. Tacked in place
Here is the bike ready to have the braces cut out
The good stuff!
Starting out life on Jan 1st 2009
Let the games begin
Stripping down the old, making way for the new
Motor is ready to come out
Starting to mock things up
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